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“With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.” – Mark 10:27



“God would never ask me or anyone else to be a light and then not equip us to do it.” – Jason Harper



Check out THIS EYE-OPENING BLOG POST by Craig Gross entitled “Most Popular Searches in 2009″.

What were kids under 18 most interested in and curious about in 2009? Their online searches can tell parents a lot and also alert them to possible topics they may need to discuss with their kids. Norton has identified the top searches conducted by kids this year. Sex and Porn have made the top 5 and boobs at #32.



Seeing my family. My parents and older sister are coming in this week for Christmas. Also, Heather’s dad and step-mom are coming in the day they leave for a visit. For both families, this will be their first visit to the great state of Oklahoma City. I am very excited to see our families. It has been way too long.



One of our REVOLUTION students who is having serious knee problems and is in a lot of pain. Satan wants to use this to steal this incredible leader’s joy, but that is not going to happen. Praying for complete healing and strength to endure.


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Are you on twitter? I have been on twitter for about 4 months now. It’s growing on me more and more everyday. One of the things I like about it is that you can pick and choose who you receive updates from. You find a person or organization that you want to follow and their updates show up on your home page. You can also synch your twitter account with your facebook account and update both at the same time.

If you are a tweep (twitter peep), here are three people/organizations you need to follow on twitter…

1. XXX CHURCH (@xxxchurch) – This is an amazing ministry that I fully support. It provides free resources to help individuals break free from the chains of pornography. By following them on twitter, you can be the first to read new blog posts and articles, see new podcasts, and more. You can also follow their founder, Craig Gross, on twitter (@craigxxxchurch).

2. I AM SECOND (@IamSecond) – This is another amazing ministry that is making a significant impact in culture right now. Their website is known for having video testimonials of people (famous and not famous) who put God first in their lives. By following them on twitter, you get updates on new videos, information on how to get involved, share prayer requests, and more.

3. THE BATTING STANCE GUY (@BattingStanceG) – This guy is hilarious. If you are a baseball fan, the Batting Stance Guy is a must follow on twitter. This guy immitates professional baseball player batting stances. By following him on twitter, he will give you links to new videos. Plus, he has a funny insight on sports and baseball.


Shameless plug:

You can also follow me on twitter @briancromer.


Who are people/organizations that I need to be following on twitter?

x3 watch

Is America addicted to porn? That is the question ABC’s Nightline asked during a 2008 broadcast. You can go to and see a debate over that topic. It is extremely interesting and insightful. Note of caution: this is over a national, secular broadcast so you never know their real agenda.

Pornography is drastically affecting America and the church. It is often the “dirty little secret” that is constantly being ignored and swept under the rug while it kills intimacy, marriages, and purity. The porn business is a $14 billion dollar a year industry. It is supposed to be designed for mature adults, but the reality is that it is killing America’s youth. The average age of a porn viewer is between 12-17 years old. The average age a person is first introduced to pornography is 11 years old. The reason for these startling stats is because it is only a few clicks away now. It’s not like 20 years ago, when you had to look under your dad’s mattress or go into the XXX store with a ballcap pulled down low to cover your face so nobody knew you were there. Anybody with an Internet connection can have porn available in a matter of seconds without anybody knowing.

One of the best resources I have found that is fighting the fight against pornography and calling people back to God and holiness is I strongly support these guys (one of the guys, Craig Gross, is on the Nightline debate mentioned above). Check them out.

Whether you have kids or not, we have to be proactive about protecting our purity and intimacy in marriage. Here a couple of practical suggestions that I recommend you put into practice immediately in your home:

  1. Put your home computer in a public area. This definitely applies if you have kids. Don’t let your kid have a computer in their room at home.
  2. Put some sort of filter/accountability software on your computer that monitors what websites are being viewed. has a FREE software for Mac and PC that is called X3 Watch. That software is an accountability software that sends a weekly email to an accountability partner of what websites you are looking at. The key is that your partner is somebody that will hold you accountable and you don’t want them to know you are looking at porn (I recommend your wife, your pastor, your mom, etc).

I personally have X3 Watch on my personal computer. Heather (my wife) is my accountability partner. Every week she gets an email that reports any questionable websites that I may have viewed that week. On multiple occasions she has told me how proud she is of me and encourages me in my purity.

It’s time we stop sweeping this epidemic that is drastically affecting our churches, our marriages, our teenagers, and our culture under the rug. Pursue holiness. Pursue purity.