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Sunday is the official start of the 5th annual Sulphur Springs Workcamp. SSWC is an interdenominational mission experience where students and adults unite together to paint and restore homes for the needy in the Sulphur Springs, Texas area. Students from all different churches come together for one week to scrape, paint, serve, play, laugh, and worship together.

At SSWC2011, 400+ students and adults from 15 student ministries covering 3 states will come together to paint 25 houses for free at SSWC2011.

SSWC is about 3 things: (1) Loving God. (2) Serving Others. (3) Uniting Churches.

God really put the idea for my SSWC in my brain over six years ago. I was hesitant at first to put another big project on my plate (especially in the always busy summer season). However, God kept putting this idea of an interdenominational local mission experience before me. I procrastinated for one year before deciding to give it a shot in 2007. What ever small expectations I had for SSWC were blown away by God’s ability to do more than my tiny brain can even imagine. Anywhere from 90-100 people participated in SSWC as we painted and restored nine homes in the Sulphur Springs, Texas area.

Every year SSWC has gotten bigger and better.

Some people ask me why. Why do feel God wanted you to start SSWC? There are three main reasons why.

1. IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. God is pretty specific about sharing your faith and helping other people. It is the right thing to take care of a widow who cannot take care of things like painting her house herself. Mission trips (in the student ministry world) are often only thought in the context of far away from home or in another culture. While I am all for global, short term missions, being able to spread the Gospel and the love of Jesus in our backyard is equally important.

2. TO BE A BLESSING TO OTHER STUDENT PASTORS. As a student pastor, I know how tough summer can be and how hard it can be to plan a bunch of stuff. The best trips seem to be the trips where I simply show up, all the details are already taken care, and I can spend time and love on my students. We try to make SSWC as student ministry-friendly as possible. My desire has always been for SSWC to be something that is a blessing to other student pastors, not a burden.

3. TO HELP SMALL STUDENT MINISTRIES. The majority of churches in this area do not have the resources, budget, and staff to participate in summer missions. SSWC was designed for the small church that maybe is being led by a volunteer. This is a local, cost-efficient (only $50 for students) mission experience that is legit. Now every student can have the opportunity to participate in missions.

4. TO UNITE THE LOCAL CHURCH. (WARNING: I will probably preach right here.) If we were honest, we (Christians) do not do a very good job of uniting. We tend to focus more on all the things that make us different – worship styles, songs we sing, vocabulary, etc. SSWC focuses on what we have in common – JESUS, which is by far the most important thing. Sure, the denominations represented think differently about certain aspects of the Christian faith. However, we all believe in the fundamental truth that Jesus is our savior. Maybe people seeing different Christians getting along and serving together in unity will get nonbelievers interested in having a relationship with Jesus.

Sulphur Springs Workcamp 2011 will be from Sunday, June 5 to Wednesday, June 8. Please be praying for this incredible mission experience.

900 Barbara St

We sold our house!

The appraiser has done the inspection; the negotiations are finished; the paperwork has been worked up; and the contract has been signed.

Carrie Nuckolls, thank you so much for helping us during this process and being our eyes and ears in Sulphur Springs while we have been in Oklahoma City. We appreciate you greatly.

What this means…

We will be coming to Sulphur Springs on either August 26 or August 27. Over 4+ days we will have to box up, pack, and load all of our possessions into a massive U-Haul truck. We will then drive back to Oklahoma City where we will unload that massive U-Haul truck in a storage facility. After that step, we will tackle the job of buying a house in Oklahoma City. Finally (and most importantly), we will be getting our two diva dogs back!

SULPHUR SPRINGS PEOPLE – We will most definitely need your help as much as possible over those 4+ days. Also, it is a perfect opportunity for us to reconnect. Heather and I will be at Shannon Oaks Church on Sunday, August 30.

OKLAHOMA CITY PEOPLE – We will most definitely need your help as much as possible when we return on Monday, August 31. Also, we would love your help and your muscles when we finally buy a house. Just throwing that out there in advance so you can mentally prepare.

DAD – I could really use your master’s degree/Super-dad packing skills if you could make it to Sulphur Springs that weekend.


Any questions?

urbanspoon logo

Urbanspoon is an online company that provides restaurant information. This company provides information, reviews, suggestions, and menus for restaurants all over the world. In the words of Urbanspoon, “Urbanspoon is the world’s leading provider of time-critical dining data, a major division of a very important multi-national corporation, and an all-around BIG PLAYER in the multi-billion dollar restaurant information industry.

Urbanspoon also makes an awesome, free, popular app for iPhones and iPod Touches. On this app, you can search restaurants by price, location, and type of food. I have had the Urbanspoon app on my iPhone for over a year. However, I have not had a lot of opportunities to use it living in a small town.


Because of our recent move to Oklahoma City, OK (which is a much bigger city than Sulphur Springs, TX), Heather and I are instituting our “Saturday night Urbanspoon date night”. For a while now, the Urbanspoon iPhone app will determine our Saturday nights.

I’m excited…


Anybody got any restaurant recommendations for Oklahoma City?


UPDATE 8:51PM: Urbanspoon picked HIDEAWAY PIZZA. For a pizza place (a youth pastor’s nightmare), it was really good. Ironically, I had one of the best salads I have ever had tonight.


Here is a list of Pros & Cons of moving from Sulphur Springs, Texas:


  • The wonderful people at NORTHchurch
  • Better food choices
  • Better gym/workout choices
  • Don’t have to drive 2 hours to the nearest airport
  • Simply leaving Texas & Texas pride (I never drank the koolaid)
  • Get to live in a 3G city, not a stinkin’ Edge city
  • Having another restaurant besides Chili’s be the best restaurant in town
  • Not having to have a front license plate
  • Not having a different speed limit at night (that law is dumb)
  • I get to use my Urbanspoon app and it actually give me different results
  • Oklahoma City Thunder (I’ll embrace them as my new NBA team)
  • Get to have more of a winter including snow
  • Southwest Airlines availability (credit Mom)
  • Share Jesus & influence more people (credit Sarah)
  • Possibility of awesome stocking stuffers (credit Mom)


  • Leaving the wonderful people of Shannon Oaks Church
  • Leaving one of my best friends – Jason Dietze
  • Having to drive more than 5 minutes at a time to get around town
  • Not having professional baseball close
  • Not having two massive cows with freakish-steroid-like utters
  • Having to sell our house that we custom built
  • Leaving the awesome youth pastors in SS who seek unity among churches
  • Leaving the pink snow cone stand
  • May be more difficult to train for marathons on busier roads
  • Can’t have my two dogs in OKC right away
  • Toll roads
  • State income tax (credit JP Dennis)
  • Still far away from parents (credit Mom)
  • Long drive to see parents (credit Mom)


What am I forgetting? What are the pros should be on the list? What are the cons that should be on the list? I will update this list as you give suggestions.


Today the Sulphur Springs Wildcats will be playing in the 4A Texas state championship game this afternoon in San Antonio. This is Sulphur Springs High School’s first trip to the state finals. It is also the first time that a school and community that I am connected to has made it this far in the football postseason. Good luck today, Wildcats!





UPDATE 5:11PM – Just got a text message from my great friend, Jason Dietze that said, “69-49 State Champs!!!” Must have been a defensive showdown…