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What’s my favorite all-time Christmas present?

That’s a tough question to answer/process. Does the first Apple Macbook that I ever got in 2007 rank at the top of that list? Maybe it’s the Super Nintendo I found under the tree in 1991? Or is it the Rocky Balboa/Clubber Lang two-sided Rocky 3 punching bag of 1983?

When it comes to Christmas presents, Heather raised the bar this year. And no, I am not talking about the recent “we’re having a baby” news.

When I was asked what I wanted for Christmas this year, I couldn’t think of anything. I honestly have everything I need and most of the stuff I want. I have most of the toys a boy could want. So I asked for experiences this year.

My amazing wife responded by buying me season tickets to the rest of the Oklahoma City Thunder (my favorite NBA team) home games. They are way up in the section called “Loud City” (aka…the nose-bleed section). But I am beyond exciting to be seeing the next 25+ games (including playoffs) in section 307, row F, seat 15 in the OKC Arena.

Including this game on January 30…

Here’s the view from my seat…

Great job, Heather! I love my Christmas present. Thunder Up! It could be my favorite all-time Christmas present.

On second thought…that Rocky 3 punching bag was pretty stinkin’ cool.


What did you get this year from Christmas?

What’s your favorite all-time Christmas present?

500+ Dominican Republic children + 500+ Christmas gifts = An amazing day

As we drove up, there was already a line of excited Dominican children forming at the church door. The place was going to be soon packed full of giddy children anticipating getting Christmas gifts. The facility looked amazing. It was full of tables, chairs, and decorations.

The doors opened and excited children entered the church. To start the event, the Mission of Mercy project staff and students put on a small program – complete with songs, choreographed dances, and prayers.

After feeding the anxious children lunch, it was time for the main event. Up to that point, the staff had been able to keep order and control over the 500+ kids, despite being significantly out-numbered. However, when the gifts started to be handed out, it got crazy. Kids began to bum-rush the stage. There was no more being quiet, no more standing still, and no more patiently waiting. After all, there were Christmas presents to be had. The staff did an amazing job handing out the Christmas presents to all those eager kids.

It was amazing to watch these Dominican children rip open these Christmas presents that the NORTHchurch family had so generously donated. The atmosphere was think with joy, smiles, and excitement.

These three pictures are my favorites. I watched this boy receive his Christmas presents, walk over to a secluded area, rip open the presents, and react to what was inside. I tried my best to capture his pure joy in these moments through these pictures.

Like I said at the beginning of this post…

500+ Dominican Republic children + 500+ Christmas gifts = An amazing day


To see more pictures from our Dominican Republic trip, CLICK HERE.

I wanted to take a minute out of this awesome day just to tell you Merry Christmas. Have a great day. Enjoy life. Enjoy family and friends. Eat some unhealthy food. Do something nice for a stranger. Remember Jesus and try to live like him. Thanks for reading the blog. I appreciate you more than you know.

Here’s the most beautiful Christmas song of all time…

“O Holy Night” by Shane & Shane

Tis the season of sitting around the house bored out of your mind. Watching the cornucopia of Christmas movies is a great way to pass the time and escape reality. I wanted to make your holiday entertainment viewing a little easier by giving you my top five Christmas movies of all time. Grab some eggnog, light a fire in the fireplace, go to Blockbuster, rent these movies, and have a great, entertaining Christmas…

ernest15 – ERNEST SAVES CHRISTMAS. I remember watching this 1988 classic in a Memphis movie theater. This movie is often (and I can’t understand why) left off most top Christmas movie lists. When Santa is in some serious trouble and Christmas needs saving, who does humanity turn towards? The great Ernest P. Worrel. Ernest Saves Christmas is arguably the best Ernest movie (along with Ernest Goes to Camp and Ernest Goes to Jail) and is a great Christmas movie. 

die-hard4 – DIE HARD. Another awesome Christmas movie from 1988. Because of the incredible-ness of this movie, people often forget that it is a Christmas movie (along with its sequel Die Hard 2). This 80’s action classic is not your traditional Christmas movie with Santa, presents, and reindeer. However, Die Hard is full of one-liners, killing, and a shoeless hero who saves the day. You don’t get much better than that. Also, John McClain is on my Top 10 Fictional Characters of All-Time list.

christmas-story3 – A CHRISTMAS STORY. I’m sorry. No top Christmas movies of all-time list is not complete without A Christmas Story on it. Moviefone’s list has it ranked number one. This movie, originally released in 1983, tells the story of Ralphie’s quest to obtain the Christmas present of his dreams, a Red Rider B.B. Gun. TBS for the past few years have shown this Christmas classic for 24 straight hours on Christmas day. So if you have somehow missed this movie, get cable.

home-alone2 – HOME ALONE. Heather and I have watched this movie already a couple of times this holiday season. I finally jumped out of the 1980s with this one, but just barely. This movie was released in 1990 and instantly became a classic. Sure the cute, non-jacked up Macaulay Culkin is good, but Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern take this movie to another level as the “Wet Bandits.” This is one of those movies that makes me laugh every time I see it. Good story too. 

elf_poster11. ELF. In my opinion, this movie is the best Christmas movie of all-time. I am a big fan of Will Ferrell. I have seen the majority of his movies. I believe that this is the funniest character he has ever played. His expressions and reactions as a grown man who really thinks he is an elf are (as weird as this sounds) extremely believable. Be careful drinking while watching this movie because Elf has so many hilarious parts that you could possibly make your drink come out of your nose.


What’s your list? What’s your favorite Christmas movie? Which ones did I leave out?