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Yes, I am going to attempt to start blogging. I hope to share a little of my brain with world wide web from time to time. I will try to write from time to time on a variety of subjects…life, faith, family, sports, random, etc. If you know me, then you know that my brain is always going. I think from the time I wake up till the time I go to bed. Let’s see if I can get some of those thoughts out on the world wide web so the entire global civilization with a computer can see them. What a brilliant idea!” – Brian Cromer, March 11, 2008

This is a quote from the first post ever. Nearly 1 year & 9 months, 470 posts, and over 130,000 visitors later, it’s time to take a look back at the year that was. This is’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2009. Some of you reading this are newer to the blog and may have missed some of the earlier moments. I invite you to click on the links and enjoy some of the moments that you may have missed. Some of you have been around since day one (Heather & Mom). I invite you to take a stroll down memory lane, maybe take a look at the comments that you have posted. Without further adieu, the Top 10…

#10 OFFICIALLY ON TWITTER – August 17, 2009

“I am going on record and saying that I will not EVER use twitter. :)” That sentence was taken from my blog post on April 8, 2009. I put this post on the Top 10 list because I like to poke fun of myself and I am suffering from a bad case of foot in mouth disease. By the way, you can follow me on twitter HERE.


It is no secret that I am a huge New York Yankees fan. 2009 was a great year to be a Yankees fan as they won the 27th World Series in franchise history. On November 5, things were again right in the world. That day I woke up refreshed and something was different. Food tasted better. Air was fresher. Traffic seemed lighter. The sun was brighter. And then I realized that the Yankees won #27. That championship could not have been won without Mariano Rivera, who I argue in this controversial post is the greatest pitcher of all time.

*Also, check out this post explaining New York Yankees HOPE Week, which was a week full of the Yankees reaching out  and serving their community.


Creating and editing videos is one of my least talked about passions. I often wish I had more time to dedicate towards growing more in this creative outlet. I made quite a few videos this years. These ones from Sulphur Springs Workcamp 2009 are my favorite. Others from this year include TUESDAY MORNING, MESSY OR NOT MESSY, REVOLUTION ANNOUNCEMENTS (didn’t make this one, but hilarious), SHOOT EM UP, and GALLON CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENTS.


This is a story where I got to brag on my incredible wife. This is just a small taste of how amazing she truly is. I seriously am a lucky man and I know it. She is amazing. She is my best friend. She makes me a better person. And she loves God more than she could ever love me.

#6 TOP 10 P90X YOGA POSES – August 13, 2009

One of my most crucial guidelines about my blog is that I never want to take myself too seriously. I know I am a dork, so I embrace that and in the process, you experience a good laugh at my expense. Over the past 5+ months, I have been doing P90X. Part of the P90X workout includes a yoga workout. I quickly learned that Brian Cromer and yoga do not go together. For your enjoyment and laughter, I decided to let Heather take pictures of me during a P90X yoga workout to help give you an idea how hilarious and ridiculous I look doing this workout.

#5 NEW HOUSE TOUR – November 13, 2009

This was the first ever video blog on I am toying around of doing this more in the future. What did you think? Good stuff? Would you like to see more video blogs?

#4 COWTOWN MARATHON PART 1, PART 2, PART 3, PART 4, & PART 5 – March 2-6, 2009

On Saturday, February 28, 2009, I ran the Cowtown Marathon in Fort Worth, Texas. This was marathon #3 for me, but the first marathon since having this blog. Over these 5 posts, I gave a detailed account of the events leading up to the race and the race itself. My goal was to chronicle this out so that I could remember the marathon.

#3 CONFESSIONS OF A BLOGGER – August 24, 2009

Like I said earlier, I have been blogging since March 2008. By no means does 22 months of blogging qualify me as a blogging expert. I do not have this whole blogging thing figured out. However, in the past 22 months I have learned a thing or two about blogging and myself in the process. This post has some blogging tips and things I have learned while blogging.

#2 BIG NEWS – June 15, 2009

2009 was a big year for the Cromer family. If I had to describe this year in one word, that word would be transition. On June 14, 2009, I announced that I was stepping down as youth pastor of the Shannon Oaks Church in Sulphur Springs, Texas and moving to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to be the student pastor at NORTHchurch. It was an incredibly difficult, bittersweet, and exciting decision to make. Making a healthy transition on both ends was a big deal to Heather and I, and God answered those prayers. This post is Heather and I’s letter publicly announcing our decision.

#1 JESUS RUINED MY LIFE – January 15, 2009

No extravagant words for this one. The title speaks for itself. This one simply is my favorite blog post of 2009.


If you want to go through 222 blog posts from 2009 and make your own top 10 list, that would be sweet. Which ones did I miss? What blog post should have been on the top 10 that wasn’t? What was your favorite blog post of 2009? GYM GUYS? STARS? SOCIAL MEDIA REVOLUTION? PROSPERITY GOSPEL? SPONGES? I’M A LEADER? JOHN 3:16 HOTTEST GOOGLE SEARCH?

I should be able to get online in the next 24 hours to post a complete update (with pictures) from my Dominican Republic trip. Until then, I am posting mini-updates via facebook and twitter. Make sure to check them out.

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It is time for a change.

It is time to finally upgrade to the latest generation of video game consoles. The Xbox is simply not cutting it anymore. It makes weird noises. It never has new games (because they stopped making Xbox games).

Don’t worry, the Super Nintendo is still going strong. It doesn’t get much better than playing the 16-bit SNES on my 46-inch Samsung LCD TV. However, the SNES is a classic that must be taken care of and not overused.

It’s time for a change.

But I need your help. Which video game console should I upgrade to – Xbox 360, Wii, or PS3?

Here are some things you need to know before you give your opinion…

  • I almost exclusively play sports games (Madden and baseball).
  • I like to play video games occasionally to unwind and relax.
  • I generally play video games by myself.
  • I am a youth pastor, so upgrading to the newest video game console was inevitable.
  • I already have a blueray player.
  • I could care less about online gaming.
  • I workout a lot and don’t want to literally play 18 holes of golf at 11:30pm when I am trying to unwind.

Knowing those things, which video game console should I upgrade to – Xbox 360, Wii, or PS3? Tell me which one I should get and the reasons why.

Are you on twitter? I have been on twitter for about 4 months now. It’s growing on me more and more everyday. One of the things I like about it is that you can pick and choose who you receive updates from. You find a person or organization that you want to follow and their updates show up on your home page. You can also synch your twitter account with your facebook account and update both at the same time.

If you are a tweep (twitter peep), here are three people/organizations you need to follow on twitter…

1. XXX CHURCH (@xxxchurch) – This is an amazing ministry that I fully support. It provides free resources to help individuals break free from the chains of pornography. By following them on twitter, you can be the first to read new blog posts and articles, see new podcasts, and more. You can also follow their founder, Craig Gross, on twitter (@craigxxxchurch).

2. I AM SECOND (@IamSecond) – This is another amazing ministry that is making a significant impact in culture right now. Their website is known for having video testimonials of people (famous and not famous) who put God first in their lives. By following them on twitter, you get updates on new videos, information on how to get involved, share prayer requests, and more.

3. THE BATTING STANCE GUY (@BattingStanceG) – This guy is hilarious. If you are a baseball fan, the Batting Stance Guy is a must follow on twitter. This guy immitates professional baseball player batting stances. By following him on twitter, he will give you links to new videos. Plus, he has a funny insight on sports and baseball.


Shameless plug:

You can also follow me on twitter @briancromer.


Who are people/organizations that I need to be following on twitter?

Check out this video that we showed last night for week 3 of “Messy Spirituality”…

Yesterday I checked my mailbox and saw that I got a letter in the mail. With today’s world full of email, text messages, facebook, twitter, and myspace, that hand-written note is almost obsolete today.

When I saw the letter, I immediately got a huge smile came across my face. It was a letter from Angie. Angie is an eight year old Columbian girl who Heather and I have been sponsoring through Compassion International. We have been supporting Angie now for four years. Her letters, which she now writes herself (when we started her mom or dad had to write them), make my day.

Here is yesterday’s letter (they translate literally – just in case it sounds funny):

Dear Brian Cromer,

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  my family is doing well; thanks be to God! We attend church on Sundays at 5pm. We gather together with other people on Wednesdays at 6pm and we talk about God. Sometimes we have ice cream after the meetings. Sometimes we have ice cream on Saturdays and we go swimming. I am happy! Thank you for your letters. I want you to know that I love you so much. I am 8 yrs old. I am in third grade. My family says hello! Do you like animals? I say goodbye. May our Lord keep you safe.



Absolutely precious. The letter also came (like always) with one of Angie’s beautiful drawings. Check it out…

I have never seen Angie face-to-face. I have never heard her voice. Even still, I love her with all my heart. I pray for her everyday and I know that an eight year old Columbian girl is praying for me everyday.

For only $38 a month you can make the same lasting impact on a child and develop a relationship like this. I implore you to seriously think about partnering with Compassion International to make an eternal difference in a child’s life. $38 a month is nothing for most of us – simply don’t go out to eat after church for one Sunday. For more information on how you can sponsor a child like Angie, CLICK HERE.

Came across this video on Scott Williams’ blog. This video will blow your mind.

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