Archive for September 30, 2010

Last night was ONE BIG PARTY. It was an unbelievable night with 300+ in attendance (unofficial count right now is 311) and 52 people making decisions to follow Jesus.

A huge thank you to…

REVOLUTION Staff. Michael Bergstrasser and Lauren Sheppard. These people went the extra mile and worked extremely hard, long hours to pull OBP off. I am honored to get the opportunity to work alongside them everyday.

Scott Floyd, Emcee One, Kerry Smith, and the entire worship team. You guys definitely brought your A game and killed it last night. Music rocked. Lights rocked. Audio/Visual rocked. That was one of the sickest, most creative, and high energy worship sets I’ve ever experienced.

REVOLUTION Leaders. This group of 30+ men and women are my heroes. I cannot say enough about these amazing people. We could not have pulled OBP off without your commitment, presence, and willingness to serve.

Heather Cromer (elephant), Patty Rankin (monkey), Curtis Pratt (Barney), Falan Fronko (Cookie Monster), Cale Nockels (REVOLUTION Ninja), David Suey (Root Suit #1), and Tyler Ameral (Root Suit #2). These 7 individuals were running around, dancing, and going crazy in rocking mascot outfits. I am sure some people had “dance with Cookie Monster” on their bucket list. All the sweat and soreness you’re experiencing today was totally worth it.

Clint Smith. The Operations Pastor at NORTHchurch is a team player. He was rocking the video camera all night. You are the man.

TWOFIFTYTWO Interns. Thank you so much for helping in the setup and clean up process. You guys are taking ownership, leading, and serving like crazy. I am very proud of all 10 of you!

REVOLUTION Students. You guys stepped up. You were challenged to bring your friends, to get 300 people there, and to do something. You went above and beyond. Your energy and willingness to lead during worship was amazing. Here is what I want you to realize: we can have this type of energy and experience with God every week at REVOLUTION. Do you realize that? Let’s pack out the room next week and do it all over again. WE AREĀ REVOLUTION.

GOD. I love you. Thank you for being real and doing your thing last night. You get all the glory, all the credit, and all the honor.