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July 16, 2010

Day two of the NORTHchurch 2010 Dominican Republic mission trip was all about preparation.

Today was not one of those days that get promoted when you start signups for a mission trip. Pastors do not put days like today on the fliers for the trip.

We did not get to treat any children in our medical clinic. We did not get to teach any children how to dribble a basketball without looking at the ball. We did not help any children make an adorable craft to take back home to their mom. However, we did do some serious preparation to make all those aforementioned things possible later on this trip.

The 39 students and adults on this DR mission trip worked extremely hard today and put forth a ton of effort to make the rest of this week a huge success. I cannot wait to see how God moves through us.

We finished the day by seeking God together. We spent time crying out to God in worship. We poured out our hearts through prayer. People shared about how they had seen God already on this mission. It was a powerful time of getting our spiritual batteries recharged.

I am excited to see what God is going to do tomorrow.

Keep praying.

July 15, 2010

Day one of the NORTHchurch 2010 Dominican Republic mission trip is in the books. And let me tell you, it was a good one.

What was originally thought to be a simple travel day, turned into a day of seeing the goodness of God.

The first part of our day started very early. The 39 students and adults on this DR mission trip met at the Oklahoma City airport at 3:45am. Our first flight took us to Atlanta, Georgia (Heather’s home town). After a little while of reminiscing about the good ole’ days in Hotlanta, we flew to Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic. In nothing short than a miracle from God, we found all 65+ of our checked bags waiting for us at baggage claim. After pounding down some Dominos Pizza, we had a 3-hour bus drive to Santiago, Dominican Republic.

We pulled directly up to the Dominican church that we support for their mid-week service.  After a time of worship, NORTHchurch senior pastor Rodney Fouts shared an amazing message about conquering the giants in your life. He hit a homerun. Many people responded to the invitation to receive prayer. We had a chance to pray over many in that church and many from our mission team. It was a powerful time of prayer. Tears were shed. People shared about the giants they were facing. God responded to their openness. People were set free.

Day 1 is in the books and already lives have been changed.

God is good.