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The NORTHchurch crew arrived in Santiago, Dominican Republic late Saturday evening after a day of airplanes and layovers. It was surreal to wake up that morning in Oklahoma City and its 25 degree morning and to go to bed that night in the Dominican Republic and its 75 degree night.

I only wish my bags would have been there to enjoy it with me.

Yep, our bags did not make to the Dominican Republic like we did. Being an experienced world traveler, I rolled with the punches. Simply wash the essentials in the sink as soon as you get there, let them air dry, borrow a toothbrush from the hotel, and you are good to go.

On Sunday morning we got up early to go to the church that NORTHchurch and Mission of Mercy works with so closely. The service was powerful. The church sanctuary was full of passionate people who poured their hearts out in worship. Pastor Scott Morris had a impromptu call up to address the congregation, which was entertaining to say the least. He did a great job with zero notice.

During the four hour service, I had incredible Dominican kids hanging all over me while this girl (see picture below) was my personal translator.

That evening we went back to the church to organize all of the presents that we donated during NORTHchurch’s “Christmas in the Dominican Republic” program. It was amazing to see the unbelievable generosity that NORTHchurch poured into this program. We literally organized hundreds and hundreds of gifts in preparation for the next day. My anticipation of being a small part of giving all those gifts to those kids was growing more and more with every opened box.

All I kept thinking was, “tomorrow is going to be amazing.”


Check back later to read about the next day in the DR.