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Here is the logo for the REVOLUTION sermon series in November and December called “Messy Spirituality”. Isn’t this logo amazing? Thank you, Rob Wilson, for producing such amazing visuals and continuing to use your gifts to help make all of the ministries at NORTHchurch better. It is an honor to work alongside such a ridiculously talented guy.

Along with being the graphic designer at NORTHchurch, Rob is also a brilliant comic artist. He will be a famous comic artist one day…no doubt. To see a lot of Rob’s art, CHECK OUT ROB’S WEBSITE HERE.

Messy Spirituality Cover



Wednesdays, 7-8:15pm, all November & December


Fun Slides

Posted: November 11, 2009 in Culture, Funny, Life, People, TV
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I saw this infomercial on television the other day and could not stop laughing…

For only $15 (plus $8 shipping and handling), you can have your very own piece of glorified cardboard with a velcro strap. Who buys this stuff? Nothing screams socially awkwardness and probably not having many friends than sitting in your living room all day on your Fun Slides doing ollies off your couch. Just borrow your dad’s wool tube socks and save $15.

Here are direct quotes from their website:

What ages are Fun Slides recommended for? Fun Slides are recommended for ages six and up.  Kids, teens and adults love Fun Slides.

What sizes do Fun Slides come in? One size fits all up to size 15 adult.

Yes, you can be that adult with Fun Slides.

In the age of technology and unlimited possibilities, this is what humanity comes up with? Seriously?

I’m pretty sure Billy Mays would not be endorsing this product.