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Today I woke up refreshed and something was different.

Food tasted better. Air was fresher. Traffic seemed lighter. The sun was brighter.

And then I realized…


The New York Yankees won the World Series last night, clinching their 27th championship in team history.

Things are again right in the world…

Go Yankees!!!


On another note, I asked on the October 27, 2009 World Series Prediction blog post for you to make predictions on three World Series topics (who would win, how many games would it take, and who would be MVP).

This is from great friend, coworker at NORTHchurch, and REVOLUTION youth leader Patty Rankin, “1. yankees. purely because they have cool colors and are from new york. 2. Win in 6 games. cause it sounds cool. 3. Hideki Matsui, because his name sounds cool.

I am officially blown away that she got all three questions right. This is the World Series prediction equivalent of the girl who fills out a NCAA Basketball Tournament bracket according to the cuteness of the mascots and team colors AND gets them all right. Crazy!

Congrats, Patty! You are an official baseball prophet.