Have you ever heard of Laszlo Cseh?

Until I started doing some research, I had never heard of this guy. However, thanks to the ole’ google machine, I now know Laszlo Cseh.

Laszlo Cseh won the 5th most medals at the 2008 summer olympic games in Beijing. He won more medals than Usain Bolt, Roger Federer, and Lebron James. Yet nobody (at least in the United States) knows him and would not be able to pick him out of a crowd.


Laszlo Cseh, a Hungarian swimmer, won three silver medals. In all three events, Laszlo Cseh finished second to Michael Phelps. In all three events where Laszlo Cseh finished second, Michael Phelps broke the previous world records.

What a killer! Think about it. Laszlo Cseh trained his entire life – hours of practice in the pool, hours working out, years of eating right, and hours of sacrifice – so that he could compete in the olympics. Not only that, he was really good. In fact, he is one of the best swimmers on the entire planet. However, he just happened to be alive and swimming against undoubtably the best swimmer to ever jump into a pool. He never trained to be second.

None of us like being second. Deep down all of want to be first. We want the glory. We want the credit. We want the spotlight. We want the attention. We want the gold medals.

But when it comes to the pecking order of life, the depth chart of life, the chain of command of life, we must understand this fundamental truth – GOD IS FIRST & WE ARE SECOND.

What He says goes. He is in charge. He is calling the shots. He has control. He gets the glory. He has authority. He gets the gold medal.

Say this with me today…I AM SECOND.

I Am Second



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  1. Steven Terry says:

    Funny thing,…no matter how hard I try,…I’ve never been able to breathe and have a single star system come out. Gosh,…maybe God does rule….um,…

  2. sarahlife says:

    This reminds me of Brandon’s sermon on “the abashi (spelling on sort notice) annointing”. I am fourth, and it is totally ok. David’s fourth rocked!!!

  3. EliseR. says:

    Okay so weird that this is your post today when I have been looking at I Am Second Website a lot lately. It has helped me these past couple of days. Funny how GOD works:)
    Love You BC!

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