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I love writing on this blog. I thoroughly enjoy having an avenue where I can write about (as the tagline says) my thoughts on life, faith, God, sports, culture, and whatever else pops into my brain.

Through my two year journey of blogging, I have been amazed at all the strangers that seem to stumble on this website for whatever reason. People from all over the world with diverse backgrounds and beliefs somehow find

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post entitled “X3 WATCH“. This post talked about how pornography is the “dirty little secret” that is constantly being ignored and swept under the rug while it kills intimacy, marriages, and purity. I promoted a wonderful free software called X3 Watch, which is an accountability software that sends a weekly email to an accountability partner of what websites you are looking at. I personally use this software on my computer.

This week I received an interesting comment from a stranger (named Jeffrey) on this blog post. Jeffrey commented…

wow, do you Christians really need Big Brother to stay ethically centered? It’s no wonder you believe we are “born in sin,” when you yourselves are so morally bankrupt that you must resort to “discipleship” and “accountablity partners” to avoid doing what you have already convinced yourself you shouldn’t do.

I have an idea, grow a backbone and get a hobby?

My question to you is this…HOW WOULD YOU RESPOND? I’m not asking out of cluelessness. I am asking because I believe it is very healthy to be able to have a conversation with somebody who doesn’t know Jesus in a calm, rational, loving, yet unswerving way. Stretch yourself to process how you would respond if you received this comment.

How would you respond to Jeffrey?