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REVOLUTION was incredible last night. We were in week 3 of “24/7/365” (our September series on worship).

Here’s what we talked about…

What would you prefer?

  • A spouse who tells you he/she loves you ten times a day…or one who’s faithful to you alone, consistently doing the things that show he/she cares?
  • A significant other who gives you homemade cards with “you’re-the-best-thing-in-my-life” messages…or one who respects you, honors you, and doesn’t date around on you?
  • Kids who tell you how much you mean to them…or kids who are trustworthy, caring enough to obey you because they believe you want their very best?
  • Friends who keep reminding you that you’re their best friend…or those who are there when you need them most, never stabbing you in the back when you’re not around?

If you’re like me, your answer is BOTH! I want the words AND the actions. Well. God is no different. God wants both your WORDS and ACTIONS.

In fact, there are two primary Greek words for worship in the New Testament:

  1. PROSKUNEO, which literally means “to kiss the hand of a king” or “to bow down”. This is the word used in John’s snapshot of heaven in Revelation 5:11-14. This is where God’s people unite to corporately worship him in one voice. This is our WORDS.
  2. LATREIA, which literally means “to serve”. This is the word Paul used in Romans 12:1. This is where worship becomes so much more than singing songs and becomes a way of life. This is our ACTIONS.

The true test of worship isn’t so much what we say, but how we live. Singing songs is not enough. God cares about what you say, but God isn’t honored by words alone. The total package matters – what you say, how you say it, whether you mean it,  and whether you live it out in your daily life.


(a lot of this material is from The Air I Breathe by Louie Giglio)