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I know it has been quite a while since Sulphur Springs Workcamp 2009, but there is a story that you need to hear.

The Skit Guy were scheduled to kickoff SSWC 2009. The Skit Guys are an incredibly talented and hilarious Christian comedy duo. Simply booking the Skit Guys was a big deal because they are consistently booked (especially throughout the summer). Here’s one of my favorite videos from the Skit Guys:

Our plans changed as I got a phone call on the night before SSWC 2009 started from their manager telling me that they were having to cancel. Tragically, one of the members of the Skit Guys had a serious family issue surface that kept them from coming. Trying not to completely freak out, I started to call all my close friends in ministry trying to find some sort of quality entertainment that was available on short notice.

I decided to take a shot in the dark. Finding a contact number on myspace, I called Jared Hall at 9:30pm on the night before SSWC 2009 was to start. Jared Hall is an unbelievable Christian illusionist that I have seen multiple times at much larger venues. Unbelievably, a woman (who turned out to be Jared’s mom) picked up the phone. After I apologized for calling at such an inappropriate time, I explained the situation. It turned out that Jared (who is based out of Houston, TX) was miraculously in Dallas, TX with one free day before his next scheduled show. Having worked closely with the Skit Guys in the past, Jared accepted without hesitation. He showed up and put on an amazing show. Crisis averted.

For those of you who do not the Skit Guys or Jared Hall, you may not see how truly big of a deal this was.

A relatively small teenage event in little ole’ Sulphur Springs, TX replaced one nationally-known, consistently-booked, incredible talent with another nationally-known, consistently-booked, incredible talent within two hours the night before the event started.

That is a miracle.


Our God is a God who saves. Our God is a God who provides. Our God is a God of the miraculous.

If God provided for Sulphur Springs Workcamp, he can and will provide for you.