Starting P90X

Posted: July 27, 2009 in Family, Life, People
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P90X Logo

Today Heather and I started the P90X workout. For the next three months this 6-day a week workout that specializes in “muscle confusion” will be pushing our limits and kicking our tails. It is pretty hardcore. I’m pumped (and already sore)!


Has anybody tried P90X? Thoughts?

  1. Yes, it is pretty intense, as I guess you have already learned from day 1. Not going to lie, I opted to go back to my normal gym routine. It will def. give you lots more of muscle conditioning and slim you up but I lost alot of strength doing it. The at home aspect is a plus though, tough to beat.

  2. Victoria Smith says:

    Jacoby and I started it on Monday too. We are sore!!!! I can barely pick up my kids! LOL. Good luck with it….MIss u guys!

  3. Laura Troup says:

    You’d better post regular updates on this one. I’ve been DYING to do the program. How much did it cost you? I want to know if it’s worth it.

  4. Joe Emanuele says:

    I found your blog just browsing. Good luck with P90X! I know this post is super retro, but I wish you the best in your fitness goals.

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