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During yesterday’s drive to Oklahoma, we drove on a highway that led us through McKinney, TX. While driving through McKinney, I noticed that there was an obscene amount of traffic lights that were considerably delaying the flow of traffic. 

Through my frustration and rising blood pressure, I started to notice an unusual trend among the street names. In a weird/funny/creepy way the street names started to tell my life story.

Here were three street names right in a row (no joke)…

IMG_6664 I was born in this great state

IMG_6665 I was raised in the church

IMG_6666 I went to college at Lipscomb

I was expecting the next street names to be “MARRIAGE”, “ATLANTA”, “TEXAS”, “STUDENT MINISTRY”, “RAN A FEW MARATHONS”, and “OKLAHOMA”. However, to my disappointment, the next street name was Waddill St.

But just think that would have been hilarious and at the same time very creepy.

Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.