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Here is a list of Pros & Cons of moving from Sulphur Springs, Texas:


  • The wonderful people at NORTHchurch
  • Better food choices
  • Better gym/workout choices
  • Don’t have to drive 2 hours to the nearest airport
  • Simply leaving Texas & Texas pride (I never drank the koolaid)
  • Get to live in a 3G city, not a stinkin’ Edge city
  • Having another restaurant besides Chili’s be the best restaurant in town
  • Not having to have a front license plate
  • Not having a different speed limit at night (that law is dumb)
  • I get to use my Urbanspoon app and it actually give me different results
  • Oklahoma City Thunder (I’ll embrace them as my new NBA team)
  • Get to have more of a winter including snow
  • Southwest Airlines availability (credit Mom)
  • Share Jesus & influence more people (credit Sarah)
  • Possibility of awesome stocking stuffers (credit Mom)


  • Leaving the wonderful people of Shannon Oaks Church
  • Leaving one of my best friends – Jason Dietze
  • Having to drive more than 5 minutes at a time to get around town
  • Not having professional baseball close
  • Not having two massive cows with freakish-steroid-like utters
  • Having to sell our house that we custom built
  • Leaving the awesome youth pastors in SS who seek unity among churches
  • Leaving the pink snow cone stand
  • May be more difficult to train for marathons on busier roads
  • Can’t have my two dogs in OKC right away
  • Toll roads
  • State income tax (credit JP Dennis)
  • Still far away from parents (credit Mom)
  • Long drive to see parents (credit Mom)


What am I forgetting? What are the pros should be on the list? What are the cons that should be on the list? I will update this list as you give suggestions.

In case you have been hanging out under a rock the past month, Heather and I are moving to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. God has called us partner with an amazing church (NORTHchurch) and serve as the student pastors. We are incredibly excited to see what God has planned for this next stage of our lives. However, this is a very bittersweet time for the Cromer family because moving to Oklahoma means that we will be leaving Sulphur Springs, Texas and the Shannon Oaks Church.

We only have a few more days in Sulphur Springs as we are planning to officially move to Oklahoma City at the first of next week (Monday or Tuesday). All this week we have been in the thick of getting ready to make the move. We have been canceling services, packing up my office, packing up things at the house, forwarding mail, and all types of boring (but necessary) things like that.

Definitely the most difficult thing about moving from Sulphur Springs is leaving the very thing that brought us to this town and has kept us in this town for five years – the Shannon Oaks Church. 

Two nights ago we had our last Wednesday night youth service (REVIVE) with our students. It was an amazing night. We had a great crowd show up. We laughed and had a blast playing some fun games, including my personal favorite REVIVE game – home run derby. I got a chance to lead an amazing group of teenagers and adults in worship. The Holy Spirit was thick as we poured our hearts out at God’s throne as a family. I surprised my partner and successor in ministry at Shannon Oaks, Ben Vos, by commissioning the students to follow, trust, and love him as they have followed, trusted, and loved me. We sealed this very special passing of the student ministry torch by having all the students surround Ben, lay hands on him, and I had the students pray over him. It was a powerful moment. Finally, the students had a chance to talk to Heather and I. Through tears, smiles, and laughter, we heard stories, thank you’s, and blessings from many teenagers and adults. It was such an amazing night that I will cherish for the rest of my life. We closed the evening by eating ice cream sundaes together because after all, ice cream is great comfort food.


This Sunday is our last Sunday at Shannon Oaks before we officially leave. I am sure that there will be some surprises, laughter, tears, and smiles. It will be a good day to celebrate all that God (not me) has done over the past five years.

For people in Sulphur Springs, let’s make the most out of the next few days. Let’s hang out. Let’s spend as much time together as possible. Call us. Come by the house. Let’s celebrate all the amazing things God has done over the past five years and anticipate all the amazing things God is going to do in the near future. Not to mention Heather and I would love for you to cook us a meal or take us out for a meal (our fridge is running a little low right now). :)