Welcome to Marriage, Nick & Caitlyn

Posted: May 26, 2009 in Family, Friends, Funny, Life, Ministry, People, Travel
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On Saturday, I performed my first wedding ceremony. I had the privilege of marrying Nick Martinez and Caitlyn Shepard in San Antonio, Texas. It was a great ceremony and now the high school sweethearts have tied the knot. Here are some pictures and highlights from the day…


(WARNING: POTENTIALLY GROSS, BRUTAL HONESTY UPCOMING.) Heather and I were getting ready for the wedding in our hotel room Saturday morning when I noticed that I had a rather large back zit that was more than ready to be taken care of. However, it was perfectly located where I could not reach without dislocating both my shoulders. Because I did not want to look Quasimoto, I asked Heather to take care of it. While she was in the popping process, I hear this loud, shrieking scream. Heather starts to freak out and says, “It popped right on my face!”

Welcome to marriage, Nick and Caitlyn.


The wedding was beautiful. Here are some pictures…





11 people from Shannon Oaks Church made it to the wedding to support Nick and Caitlyn. Heather, Linda, Elise, Kirsten, Emalee, Bailee, Emily, David, Jane, Rachel, and Danielle – thanks so much for being there. It meant the world to Caitlyn that you were there.



(FINAL STORY) I must have done a pretty good job with the ceremony. After the ceremony, a lady came up to me to introduce herself. She asked for my card because she had a son who was going to be getting married soon and wanted to use me for their wedding. I politely had to let her know that I didn’t live in town and probably would not be able to do that ceremony. 


QUESTION OF THE DAY: Have you ever spent 6 straight hours in a Panera Bread restaurant? I did on Thursday preparing for the wedding. Good times.

  1. Luke says:

    I hope that you didn’t include the zit story in your wedding sermon.

  2. Bryana says:

    Congratulations! Now you’ll be all ready and not a bit nervous when the next ones rolls around. :D

  3. Christine Liu says:

    I do have 6 straight hours at panera… college life… good to hear about the wedding, i wish i was there..

  4. lesley says:

    Yes – last Saturday. It may have been 5ish hours.. I was doing some Writing Planning with 2 of my teacher friends.. I ate 2, yes 2, meals there!

  5. sarahlife says:

    Caitlyn looked AMAZING!!! And Emily is shoeless… I love that girl!

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