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As a sports fan, today is one of my favorite days of the year. Today signals the start of the NCAA tournament, where for the next four days there will be nothing but wall-to-wall college basketball as 64 teams will be dwindled down to the Sweet 16. This tournament will undoubtedly provide upsets, buzzer beaters, and plenty of drama. I’m excited!

I will be going home early and “working from home” today so that I can watch all the action from the start. I have been able to do this for the past seven years. 

One thing I love about this tournament so much is the fact that the first round (the Thursday and Friday games) are the best part of the entire tournament. You tell me another sporting event where the first round of something is better than the championship rounds. For example, is the NFL wild card playoff round better than the super bowl? Is the first round of the NBA playoffs better than the NBA finals? Is the Daytona 500 poll time trials better than the actual Daytona 500? The next two days of this tournament are better than the championship game. How cool is that?!?


Here are my official 2009 NCAA picks:


  • Louisville
  • Memphis
  • Pittsburgh
  • North Carolina


  • Memphis vs North Carolina



Memphis Tigers


Do you love the NCAA tournament? Are you feeling a little March Madness today? Why do you love the tournament? Who are your Final Four, Championship game, and 2009 NCAA Champion picks?