I have been getting an obscene amount of junk spam emails lately. However, the unique part of this situation is that my inbox is turning into the Internet’s version of Noah’s Ark because I am getting all these junk spam emails in pairs of two. Yes, I will get the same crap emails (Unused Timeshares, Free Credit Scores, Shamwow, Erectile Disfunction, just to name a few…) not once, but twice. Anybody else having these problems?

The real question is how are all these junk spam email people getting my email address?


As a Yankees fan, I welcome CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, and any other hard-throwing pitcher with initials for a first name with open arms. Welcome to the Bronx.


Congratulations to the Tennessee Titans for defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers this past weekend. The victory improved the Titans’ record to an impressive 13-2 (best in the NFL). The victory also clinched number one seed in the AFC and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.¬†

Hey, Texas-people, how did the Cowboys do?

I’m sorry…that’s just mean…


For accountability sake I am going to tell you what I am reading right now. I just finished a deliberately slow read of Acts. I really wanted to soak in and try to experience the early church. What it looked like, what it smelled like, what it felt like. This week I am reading James. I also plan on finishing at least one book during my time away from the office for the holidays.


I won my fantasy football league. (Fun Fact: According to WikiAnswers.com, 30 million people fantasy football online.) The Annexation of Puerto Rico (yes, my fantasy football team name is named after the play that won the final game in the 1994 classic Little Giants) brought the championship back to the Cromer home. How did you do in your league?


My family is coming to Sulphur Springs for Christmas. They start to all arrive tomorrow. Heather and I are extremely excited. A grand total of 15 people will be here. Family, friends, food, and Christmas = good times.


Finally, if you are on Facebook, add briancromer.com blog. You will get automatic feeds to new posts here and hopefully save some time.

  1. sarahlife says:

    Are you going to turn the heat on for your folks?

  2. Eric says:

    I was the victim of the Annexation of Puerto Rico.

  3. briancromer says:

    Sarah – I have already had to have the heat on the past week because Christine (from China) has lived with us. I am not looking forward to the electric bill. Hey, a higher electric bill for friends and family is worth it, right?

  4. sarahlife says:

    Yes, warm friends and family are better than friends and familysicles….

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