Confession Time

Posted: October 23, 2008 in Faith, Family, Funny, Life, Ministry, People, Random, Spirituality

After writing yesterday’s post, I felt like for my integrity’s sake, I must be honest and share a story with you where I purposely used my minister position for personal gain. This thought was only validated after my good friend Linda’s comment about policemen.

Heather and I had only been living in Sulphur Springs a few months (so at least I was still a rookie minister). That night we had just gotten finished working out at our gym and were headed back to the house. Leaving the gym, which was located off one of the one-way access roads that runs parallel to I-30, I decided to drive maybe 30 feet the wrong direction on the access road. I simply did not want to drive the extra miles all the way around the one-way access roads.

Sure enough, my second criminal drive resulted in blue lights in my rearview mirror.

As the policeman approached my car, I decided that my strategy was to be as honest as possible. 

After asking for my license and vehicle registration, the policeman asked me if I knew why I had been pulled over (I still had my Tennessee license and registration, meaning I could play the “I didn’t know any better” card). I honestly replied, “Yes, sir. I went the wrong way on this one way road because I honestly did not want to drive all the way around.”

Then I threw in one more sentence that changed the face of the whole cop-encounter, “I should have known better being a minister and all.”

Everything changed after that sentence. He asked me what church I worked at and how long I had been living in Sulphur Springs. I could tell that the policeman was not an active church-goer but still had a healthy respect/fear of God. It was almost like the policeman did not want to tick off God by giving a minister a ticket or he did not want me to use my “minister-powers” to bring down curses on him and his household Old Testament style. 

Needless to say, I got away with a verbal warning after being brutally honest about my guilt. I cheaply used my minister position to get out of a ticket. I will hang my head in shame (just know that I will have a sheepishly-boyish grin on my face while I hang my head in shame).

Honesty is the best policy…

  1. Linda says:

    I to have a confession. Three different times in my twenty one years of marriage to a cop have used the cop’s wife strategy. Two of the three times have been on I-30 when I was going just a little toooooo fast. As the officer is looking at my license I just happen to say, “my husband is going to be soooo mad at me. He does this for a living and won’t be happy with his wife for breaking the law.” The officer will then ask me who my husband is and where he works. All three times I have gotten away with a warning.
    I too am hanging my head in shame.

  2. Heather says:

    there is more to this story that I must share with the world. in our realtionship, Brian tends to be the lucky one while I receive NO luck. Not only does Brian flat out tell the cop that he intentionally drives the wrong direction to avoid going the long way and gets away with it. the cop proceeds to “go the extra mile” by informing Brian of a shortcut that would help him avoid the extra miles next time. GOSH…if I had been in the driver’s seat and told that honest sad truth , I would be in handcuffs…that’s just how the cards fall

  3. briancromer says:

    Linda – I have heard your daughter say that she has gotten out of some tickets the same exact way. Did you teach her that?

    Heather – I totally forgot that very important, very funny detail of the story. That was pretty awesome.

  4. Linda says:

    Confession #2……..

    Like mother, like daughter…………

  5. Faith says:

    That would always work for dad! How is everything? I miss you all so much! Love you.

  6. Teresa says:

    confussion time…..telling a cop that i am nurse works too….that and my sister in law is the police dispatcher is a double awesome detail…..LOL!!!!

  7. emily227 says:

    This remind me of the family I babysat for in Nashville. The 4-year-old son had cancer and so he didn’t have hair. Once a cop pulled him over and he had a shaved head. The guy (who had his son in the backseat) said to his son, “Hey Michael—he is bald just like you and he’s a cool cop!” Which, of course, made the cop look in the back at the poor kid with cancer and he didn’t give him a ticket. The dad said he felt so guilty about that afterwards!

  8. mackenzie says:

    Having your uncle be the Sulphur Springs detective, and you grandpa being in the sherriff’s possey…

    me and my sister have gotten away with A LOT!!

    love you B

  9. Sean Reneau says:

    impressive…..most impressive.

  10. Eric says:

    Love it! Classic BC.

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