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I am guessing that some of you may be somewhat intimidated by just the title of this blog post. Don’t be. This is not something to make you feel guilty for not doing enough of something or something to make me feel better about myself. This is simply one follower of God being honest about a subject that is often silent in common American Christianity.

Scripture memorization is often looked at as being only for “hardcore” Christians. It is only for the ultra Bible freaks. Maybe if you are a minister, elder, pastor, or serious Sunday school teacher, then you would sometimes memorize Scripture. That is simply not true.

I think it is safe to say that the majority of people have memorized a lot of songs. Now we do not think that only hardcore music freaks should be the ones memorized song lyrics, right? No, there is a good chance that you and I have hundreds (if not thousands) of songs memorized in our heads. Why is memorizing God’s Word looked at so differently?

Memorizing Scripture is so much more than just a discipline. It is a weapon. You will be more equipped to fight sin and temptation.

If you get time today, take a look at MATTHEW 4:1-11 – the temptation of Jesus. After Jesus had been fasting for 40 days, Satan decides to throw his all-out blitz of temptation towards Jesus. Every time Jesus is tempted, how does he respond? He counters the temptation with quoting Scripture. Trust me, he did not have time in those moments to break out his Old Testament or roll out his scroll of Deuteronomy and find those passages. He had them hidden in his heart. In his moment of greatest weakness and temptation, Jesus relied heavily on memorized Scripture for strength and victory.

I have recently put this spiritual discipline more into practice in my life. I do not say that to puff myself up, but to encourage you. You can do it. Do not listen to the lie that Satan whispers in our ears that we cannot do that or that it is too hard. Start small. Do not get discouraged. You can do it.

Bless God today.