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Incredible Olympic Pictures

Posted: August 21, 2008 in Friends, Life, People, Sports, Travel

One of my China friends, Sherry, is watching the Olympics live in Beijing. She has been able to share her once in a lifetime experience with me through pictures. Her pictures have been so incredible that I wanted to share them with you. Enjoy…

 Sherry in front of the Bird’s Nest

 The roof of the aquatic center

 Start of a swimming race

 Michael Phelps (the man)

 Phelps winning gold


In the new Internet world of social networking websites, and are the two heavyweights that dominate the web. Both websites are a great way to stay in contact with friends from all different chapters of your life. The real question is which website is actually better?

According to sheer numbers, Facebook is more popular. As of April 2008, the once Harvard-student-only Facebook had 132.1 million users compared to Myspace’s 117.6 million users.

Facebook has much more privacy, a new instant messaging feature, and a more general look to all the profiles. Myspace has a lot more entertainment features including personalized profiles, free music, and myspace videos. 

As a user of both websites and as a youth minister, I personally like Facebook better. I like the easiness, the efficiency, and the privacy of Facebook. Facebook is much safer and definitely less shady. Myspace got to the point last year where I was getting friend requests everyday from wanna be porn stars named “Candy”. It was ridiculous. I pictured all these dirty old men, with a Brian post-China mustache, posing on their computers as 16 year olds, trying to talk to high school girls on Myspace. However, over the past six months Myspace has greatly improved their security and privacy features. All of my youth kids use Myspace, so I am still using it. However, I am pushing them to turn from the dark side and make the switch to Facebook.

What’s your vote? Which website do you think is better? Why? What is your rational behind your opinion? State your case.