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Funny Story

Posted: July 24, 2008 in Friends, Funny, Life, People, Random, Travel

I know yesterday I shared about our bathroom situation and hopefully you got a little kick out of that. After talking to many American men and women who spend a considerable amount of their time in China, they enlightened me to something I find pretty funny.

If you go somewhere in China where they might actually have a more “American” sit-down style toilet (restaurants, hotels, etc), you will often find footprints all over the seat. Now that takes some skill and balance!

Cross-Cultural Party

Posted: July 24, 2008 in Food, Friends, Life, Music, People, Travel

Yesterday was another rainy day in Weihai, which is something I do not mind at all. On this leadership camp, it has rained almost daily. Those that did not listen to the packing list and bring either a raincoat or umbrella are hating life right now. The rain always brings with it a nice, cool breeze and colder temperatures. I am a fan.

As the leadership team here are trying to “develop future leaders of integrity,” the number one thing they are teaching in this leadership curriculum is how to develop into a servant leader. Transforming into a servant leader is becoming a person who puts others before one’s self, who is one filled with integrity, and one who looks at his position of influence as a way to serve other people. Good principles that we can all learn to apply in our lives.

Last night (early this morning for you in the states) we got to participate in a cross-cultural party. Everybody dressed nicely and enjoyed a night full of karaoke, trying new foods, playing sports, and hanging out. It was so great to see all the Chinese students who’s lives are filled with stress, pressure, and responsibility to cut loose, smile really big joyful smiles, and have a lot of fun. I loved hearing them rock out on karaoke to their favorite Chinese pop songs too!

After eight days of camp and being immersed with each other, you can really start to see some tangible, visible changes already in the campers. There is life in their eyes. There is joy (not happiness, but joy) in their smiles. There is passion in their words. There is confidence in their actions.

Miracles are happening. I cannot wait to get home and share them with you. Check back later for more updates.

Here are some pictures from yesterday…