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How do you put into words something that is God-sized? That’s what I am trying to do with this post.

Sulphur Springs Workcamp was incredible. God showed up in a real, tangible way. It is so humbling to be a part of something that has so much of God written all over it.

As the director of SSWC, my job is pretty intense. I get to orchestrate everything from the work projects to the evening worship services to the raising of the money to the organization and supplying of all the supplies needed to complete the jobs. I love my job. I do not get to sleep much and I tend to forget to do the essentials such as eating, but I love my job. When God “impregnated” the idea of SSWC into my heart two and a half years ago, I knew he was going to do something special through it.

This year, we painted and restored twelve houses in the community of Sulphur Springs. CLICK HERE TO READ A LOCAL NEWS REPORT ON SSWC 2008. So much more happened this week than simply painting twelve houses. 150+ teens and adults from five different churches (four different denominations) came together to show and be Jesus to our community.  

The highlights of SSWC for me came during the evening worship services. Jon Webb led the worship and Brandon Mitchell shared God’s Word every night. God worked through them in mighty ways and they did a great job. I had the pleasure of leading the crowd during a time we have entitled “God Sightings” where the students would share stories of how they saw God during that day of working. So many of those stories brought tears to my eyes.

We saw God move in a very real, supernatural way at Sulphur Springs Workcamp. People became free for the first time. Chains were loosed. Lives were changed. God showed up. The light defeated the darkness. 

Thanks to every student who picked up a paint brush and participated in SSWC. Thanks to every adult who led a crew. Thanks to every person who prepared or served the food that we ate all week. Thanks to every person who donated the money that is needed to complete a program like this. Thanks to all the people who let a group of teenagers come paint their house. Finally, thanks to God for blessing this event, for giving us amazing weather all week, and for showing up in such a powerful way.


For those of you who were able to go to Sulphur Springs Workcamp 2008, please share your thoughts on SSWC 2008. Share a story. Share a God Sighting. Share what you learned and what God showed you during SSWC. What was your number one highlight from the week? How did God stir you and shake up your life? Please communicate that because your words could be a huge blessing to other people. Thanks.