Graduation Mistake

Posted: May 29, 2008 in Family, Life, People, Random

We are currently right in the middle of graduation season. All of the college graduations are over and now comes all the high school graduations.

People, we have been making a huge mistake in graduations for a long time.

As somebody that has been through both the high school and college graduation processes, I have learned something and will propose something that will change how American culture responds to graduations. We need to stop sending all the graduation money to high schooler grads and show some love to the college grads. Let me explain…

I remember June 1999, I was graduating high school from Cheatham County Central High School (CCCHS – Go Cubs!). My mom so nicely and motherly-like ordered graduation announcements and mailed them to pretty much everybody we had ever met and had an address for. Being ignorant of the whole process, I thought my mom was inviting all those people to my actual graduation, which I thought was a little psycho because I did not even really know some of these people. But I thought, “Hey, my mom is always really proud of me,” so I went with it.

Then the checks and cash started to come in. I was amazed at how much money I got from people. I am pretty sure that my final cash amount was in the four digits range, which is way too much money for a high school senior. What did I use that money for? Who knows? I probably wasted all that money on a trip with my friends to Panama City (yeah, I have been there Luke), a couple Nintendo 64 games, some clothes, and junk food.

Compare that to when I graduated Lipscomb University in December 2003. What did I get when I graduated college? Jack squat. Nothing. Nada.

Now when did I need the money more? After high school when I was facing a life of living in a dormroom, eating on a meal plan that required none of my money, and not having to pay one bill or after college, when I was facing a life out on my own for the first time, away from my parents, engaged to be married, and paying bills? Hmmmm…let me think? I could have used that money after college way more than after high school.

I propose that we save our money for when these students graduate college. Now I understand not everybody goes directly to college and need that graduation money after high school. By all means, still hook those students up. However, for those that are planning on pursing a college education, let us give that graduation check after they finish college…for their sake. Instead of buying tattoos, snow cones, and Guitar Hero 3, they can start to pay off their student loans, put a down payment on their first apartment, or pay their cell phone bill. I think that is a better use of graduation money.

What do you think? Am I crazy or am I making some sense? 

  1. Jan Cromer says:

    That makes a lot of sense, but can you imagine dealing with a high school senior who gets NO money, while all his friends rake in the BIG BUCKS? That wonderful mother suddenly becomes the STUPIDEST WOMAN ON THE PLANET for not sending out those graduation invitations to all those unknown people. Just a thought.

  2. Meagan Lewis says:

    I was so indescribably grateful for my high school grad. contributions for I used them for a down payment on a very much needed car. I wouldn’t have been able to make it to Abilene in the “Bluebird”! I miss that car! The driver’s side window fell off the track and into the door which compensated for the air conditioner that didn’t work. It would have been an adventure driving 4 hours to Abilene…the hot air blowing on my face…the sweating…keeping hydrated and making rest stops…and to top it off I am sure the Bluebird would have broke down at Ranger Hill and then would have rolled backwards down the hill. Sure, I would love everyone to treat my college graduation as if it were just as if not more important than my high school graduation but through my experience I was more helpless as a high school grad. than I will be a college grad.

  3. Emalee says:

    that makes sense to me, but how should i know i haven’t experienced any of it.

  4. Landon says:

    Unfortunately for me (but very fortunate indeed) my graduation money went into a savings account I’m not allowed to use at this point. In other words, there was no shopping spree for me! I assume I will need this money later, so I am grateful I didn’t have the opportunity to blow it all.

  5. briancromer says:

    Your parents are so smart Landon. Trust me, you will really need that money when you graduate or when you start grad school.

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