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Incredible Inspirational Story

Posted: May 2, 2008 in People, Sports

Chris Lofton just completed a great four-year college basketball career for the University of Tennessee Volunteers.  He was a major reason for the Vols winning a school-record 31 games before losing to the Louisville Cardinals in the Sweet 16 of this year’s NCAA tournament.  He averaged over 15 points per game and earned All-SEC first team honors.  

Lofton did all of this while battling and beating cancer.

You need to take a few minutes and check out Chris Low’s article on where Lofton finally goes public about his year long battle with cancer.  Seriously, it will be well worth your time.  This has made-for-TV-movie written all over it.

He never uses his illness as a crutch or an excuse.  Even when his scoring went down from 20.8 points per game to 15.5 points per game and even when his three point percentage  dipped below 40% for this first time in his career, he kept quiet and never said a word about cancer.  Who was the player that took almost every game-deciding shot at the end of close games?  Yep, Lofton.  He never used his disease as an excuse when he missed some of those shots.

Many Volunteer fans (including myself) consistently questioned Lofton and complained about his un-Chris-Lofton-like performance.  Talk about putting my foot in my mouth.  I apologize for any negative comments I ever made this season as an idiotic fan.  I now have more respect and admiration for Chris Lofton than if he did score over 20 points per game and led the Vols to the championship.

What an incredible inspirational story!